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Re: Linux on the Mac Mini

William R Sowerbutts wrote:

Hi all,

I thought that this article that I'm working on might interest people. It's about my experiences installing Linux on the Mac Mini.


Short version: It works great! Download a recent debian-installer image, and
off you go! If you build your own kernel (recommended), try 2.6.9 -- 2.6.10
had video problems for me, a timing problem as far as I could tell.

The article is only half written. When it's finished I'd like it to be a
step-by-step guide to installing Debian on a Mac Mini, as I suspect that a lot
of people from the i386 world will be buying these to play with Linux on a
different processor architecture.

I'll probably finish writing it over the next couple of weekends.

I'd welcome any feedback.
Audio is not supported?? That's a pity!
Nice graphics very "apple style"


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