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Minimac for ben pledges

the official pay pal account is... benh@ozlabs.org

which is ben's 'australia' pay pal account. there is
no middle man, so your donations go straight to the
man himself.

and here is a list of the kind people who have pledged to help

Dean Hamstead

Keving Hendricks

Barry Hawkins

Harvey Ussery

Dylan Beaudette

Philip Kaeser

Wilhelm Fitzpatrick

Nathan Templeton

Paddy de Burca

Rory Campbell Lange

these are all US $$
there has been mention of academic discounts for the final item,
i could buy one on my studentg card at apples student discount
or ben can just work it out on his own. *shrug*

as people donate please can we get some sort of on list
confirmation! we wont witch hunt if for some reason you
are no longer able to donate.

as for the g5 project thats still a goer but we have
had very little interest. please hold off on g5
donations untill we have completed the minimac project

upon completion of the minimac project, would it
also be possible to have it added to the powerpc
port history page?

WWW: http://dean.bong.com.au  LAN: http://www.bong.com.au
EMAIL: dean@bong.com.au       or       djzort@bong.com.au
ICQ: 16867613

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