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Re: bounty for fixing ALSA's powermac driver

On Sat, Feb 05, 2005 at 12:49:31AM +1100, Dean Hamstead wrote:
> ben mentioned some thoughts he had on improving the
> driver, many of which (or mainly from what i read)
> involved dividing up the driver into
> chipset groups... something like that
> as obviously not every mac has the same sound hardware
> but for some wierd reason we just have an all in one
> driver (which has its pros and cons)
> seperating it up into chipset groups means that
> perhaps a few people will be inconvenienced, but
> that people will be more able (and perhaps more
> willing) to bug fix and tweak. i for one, not
> being much of a kernel hacker, am terrified
> of potentially fiddling with a monolithic driver
> please forgive me if im wrong.

I wonder, which chipsets support hardware mixing (so you do not have to use
esoud/dmix/whatever), if any.


    wrobell <wrobell@pld-linux.org>

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