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Auctex on iBook fails (same version works on x86)

I've got the auctex package (advanced tex/latex mode for emacs) on
several boxes and it works just fine on the x86 boxes but on my iBook it
fails with the error:
File mode specification error: (error "Lisp nesting exceeds max-lisp-eval-depth")

There are also numerous such errors in the installation log (I have
saved same but it's not obviously that informative so I'll only post it
here if anyone thinks they can get anything from it).

The auctex version is 11.54-4 and emacs is 21.3+1-8 on all boxes (Debian
Does anyone here have any feeling as to whether this is a packaging
problem, a configuration problem on my iBook (and if so what) or an
upstream problem?

FWIW auctex does work with "carbon emacs" on the Mac OSX side.


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