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Re: OldWorld almost dead no booting?

Well, I had YDL installed at the time, and I had ssh and scp enabled, and another machine at my disposal.

Anyhow, remember that this is a malfunctioning machine. The light may do anything it chooses. That G3 PowerBook of mine had similar problems to the one being described. (For a long time, I thought it was the half-dead, falling-apart power cord, also.)

Using the power button, it would make a false attempt to start. But, it only showed normal signs of life if I booted by pressing the reset button in the back--the little 1/8" reset stub. Eventually, the screen stopped working that way too... but "reset" would still actually boot the machine (just with no video).

Now that I remember, I was also able to plug my Desktop Mac monitor into the back and it worked and confirmed that the PowerBook screen, or that part of the video system, was just gone.


Tommy Trussell wrote:
On Sat, 22 Jan 2005 10:59:28 -0800, L. S. <ls@qustation.com> wrote:

The screen is dead. I used my Lombard G3 PowerBook, left it on for days,
etc, also. It started acting up, then the screen went for good, although
the machine still seemed to still boot and be running.

You can probably ssh in from another machine and get your files, as I did.

If the machine does seem to boot, then ssh is a good option IF they
set it up to begin with (it being a Debian system, ssh is disabled by

HOWEVER, a couple of postings ago he said the green light was on
SOLID. (This is a PowerBook G3 Series, and that light blinks when the
machine is asleep and maybe briefly when you reset it, but most of the
time the light stays off.)

So that doesn't sound like a dead screen -- to me it sounds like the
power management circuit is doing something odd. I would suspect the
PRAM battery or a bad processor. Or if a power battery is in either
bay, try removing it -- an installed battery can drag down other
things when it dies.

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