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Re: G5 blade center under debian

On Freitag 07 Januar 2005 15:11, Anton Blanchard wrote:
> > I just tried it on my POWER3 box. You dont happen to have
> > CONFIG_POWER4_ONLY enabled do you? That option enables some minor
> > optimisations that actually prevent booting on older boxes.
> It boots on a 1.6GHz JS20 blade. Unfortunately I couldnt bring up a
> network, we need the tg3 driver as a module for that.
> As for the other pseries boxes...
> POWER3 boxes mostly have pcnet32 network cards. Some old pseries had
> 3com networks, CONFIG_VORTEX should cover them. Others have the acenic
> card.

Will take care of this during the next build cycle ;-)

> For POWER4 boxes we want the e100 (already in I see) and for POWER5
> boxes we want the e1000 (also in).
> For virtual IO POWER5 boxes we want the virtual ethernet driver

These are in, but they are not detectable yet. Any ideas?

> On the IO side we want the sym2 SCSI, the IPR scsi, the IBMVSCSI.

These are in. Some Power4 machines need the Emulex driver, which is
patched into this 2.6.10, too. Ipr is enabled, too.
> FYI arch/ppc64/configs/pSeries_defconfig is a good place to look for
> what a pseries box might have.
> I just booted it on a POWER5 (520). But its a partition with virtual
> network and virtual scsi, so requires those modules before I can
> complete that installation.

You've to load them by hand. I've no machine for testing yet and no idea how this
could be automatically checked.


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