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Re: AV PPC support Apple conference camera

On Fri, 7 Jan 2005, david howe wrote:

> Hi and thanks to all
> planb sounds like the type of kernel level support I was hoping to
> find, unfortunately I also have another issue with 2.4 kernels. This
> 8600 is fitted with a 350EV processor and has only ever been reliable
> with the 2.2 kernel, has anyone got any pointers for specific kernel
> configs to make such a beast work?
> As a work around I can put a g3 card in, but I am kinda attached to
> this configuration ( i like obscure stuff).

2.4 should be fine with a 604ev.  The faster 604e's are what some of the
RS6000s use, and I'd guess they'd be the same CPU.  Just as a check, do
you have your RAM interleaved or not ?  This used to cause some problems
for the 1st generation of PCI macs.

I should be able to help in a couple of weeks.  My trusty old 8500 is
finally being EOL'ed, so I think they'll let me keep it.  As an expt,
I was going to replace the motherboard and PS with the same ones you
have - for an 8600/300 604ev.  I know the rest of the hardware (RAM,
cards, etc) is pretty solid, so I could tell you if 2.4 was / is the


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