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Changing display resolution of 43p Model 150

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I'm sprry this message maybe partly off topic but I don't find any
better location to post questions at.

Now my problem: I am finally running debian sarge on a 43p Model 150
RS6000 Machine ( CHRP ). This machine has a IBM(?) Fire GL1 card built
in which by default uses a resolution of 1600x1200 Pixels. I'm running
this machine at a 15 inch TFT because of lack of space, so I'm not able
to display anything with the machine ( until I use my father's 21 inch
monitor which I'm currently using for test purposes ).
Unfortunately I'm able to change the resolution. The only place where I
can change the resolution is AIX ( smit ) and this only changes the
X-Server's resolution to 1024x768 which runs fine until finally the
X-Server is up. Of course I cannot display anything else then.
To make it short, I didn't find a way to change the resolution of OF
Screen, OK Prompt, Debian Linux Console or SMS Menu in that locations:
~ - setenvs  ( ok prompt )
~ - firmware variables ( also ok prompt )
~ - SMS Menu
~ - AIX
~ - Linux ( uses framebuffer by default, won't use any driver )
~ - X-Server on Openfirmware framebuffer
~ - Graphics Card Firmware ( I didn't find utilities or updates to change
hard-coded resolution )
~ - I searched User's Guide, Setup Instructions, Service Guide, RS6000
Graphics Handbook ( only partly ) for
~  - Jumpers, Firmware updates, tools, utility floppies

Is it possible to change display resolution or will I propably to
reprogram any EEPROM? And when which? Where can I find appropriate
images to burn on the graphics card? Or may I even buy another card?

Thanks for every answer in advance


Philipp Vollmer

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