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Re: putting Debian on an iBook G4

    "Tim" == Tim Cox <timmycox@gmail.com> writes:

    Tim> hi!  I just ordered Debian 3 r3 and while im waiting im

    Tim> Is there any issues with Debian that i should be aware of? is
    Tim> the power pc version good?

I think people have already pointed out to you that you might want to
consider 'sarge' (aka 'testing') as your first release. I would also
recommend that, particularly if you are looking for the latest X,
GNOME or KDE software. The 'woody' (aka 'stable') release is much
older, but it is still a good choice particularly for server class

You should probably be aware that Debian is not spectacularly easy to
install, and the installer is not as "pretty" (read "graphic") as some
others even after a recent redesign. 

Debian is also geared to people who are looking for ease in
administering a system but are also prepared to learn how to do it
(some people describe these as "expert users" but I digress :-). It
might take a little bit of learning, but once you get going it goes
like greased lightning.

I just switched to powerpc recently (like two weeks ago). I had much
newer hardware, so it took a while to get going. But the power pc
version is as good as any other Debian version (Debian's powerpc
version is the only reason I bought  a new Apple machine :-) 

If you have a good netconnection you can get the latest powerpc
'sarge' installer at


and the latest installation manuals for 'sarge' are at



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