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Re: putting Debian on an iBook G4

Ciao Tim Cox, nel tuo messaggio dicevi:

> hi!
> I just ordered Debian 3 r3 

Get yourself the Sarge Debian Installer. Will be much easier.

> Is there any issues with Debian that i should be aware of? is the
> power pc version good?

Take a look at the last 6 months' messages here and you will have a good
overview: apart from Airport Extreme, everything works.

> Things like sound and graphics is that easy to set up? Will the
> installer cover that? Also setting up X is covered by the installer
> right? I know these are basic questions but i like to know before i do
> the plunge!

Actually you will probably have to tamper in console before switching to X.
Take a good look at this page:


> Also what about the shotcut keys for example f12 ejects on an iBook
> and the F keys do the volume and brighness... are these easy to
> configure?

apt-get install pbbuttonsd gtkpbbuttons

> Also once installed what must i do step by step in order to be running
> sid (unstable)? Because i like the newest software and being on a
> iBook im guessing newer is better for the PPC platform.

Change /etc/apt/sources.list from "stable" (or "testing") to "unstable",
apt-get update.
> So yeh treat me like a newbie for the moment. I really want to install
> Debain because i was thinking if im gonna use a deb system i might as
> well go Debian... am i right?

Actually I would have remained with Ubuntu for a while, just to get the
hang to it. But I guess that if you are not satisfied you can get back to
it anytime.

Anyway, just have some patience and you will eventually figure it out.

Best Regards, Jack
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