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Re: [patch] Re: Installing on a Dual CPU G5 Powermac?

On Sun, Dec 26, 2004 at 06:24:19PM -0800, shyamal wrote:
>     "Sven" == Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:
>     Sven> We worked out some missing patches in the debian kernel for
>     Sven> support of newer kernels with benh, well, benh sent me the
>     Sven> needed patches, and i added it to the debian upcoming
> Hi Sven,
> Thanks for the update. I'll be happy to assist in testing if you need
> a volunteer with a PowerMac7,3 dual G5.  I'm looking forward to
> testing the new d-i for my final installation.

Can you try booting the standalone kernel at : 


It will not work, since it has no modules, but i want to know if it passes the
earlier blocking step.

> I debootstrap'ed a Debian install on my G5 yesterday using a Gentoo
> livecd, and I could run Sarge in a chroot so I could work on a patch
> myself.  Paddy de Burca gave me the confirmation that the problem was
> related to the 970FX on the PowerMac7.3 platform of my new hardware.

Benh said the same.

> So, though you've probably got it all from benh, here is what is
> working for me right now. This is a patch against the clean Debian
> 2.6.8-10 kernel source package, which I then compiled with
> kernel-package using the debian 2.6.8-10 kernel and 2.6.8-6 powerpc
> patches using the power4-smp config (after fighting off #220389 in
> kernel-package for a whole afternoon, but that is a different story).
> I'm sure you will recognize each patch (I think all three are from
> benh) so I'm not describing them.

Arg, i forgot one part of them, thanks for sending me this.

> I have not compiled a kernel in 3+ years, and it's been 5+ years since
> I worked on ppc firmware, so I'm feeling quite pumped up even if all I
> did was copy patches in a chrooted sarge install ;-) And my new
> Christmas present is now running *Debian* on all CPUs <grins>



Sven Luther

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