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Black Screen/Boot Prompt - On Woody Install - PowerBook 3400c

I know this must have happened to someone else, but after installing Woody by way of floppies and cd as well as net install the following happens:

Powerbook 3400c - installing Woody
Install smooth

Reboot - not so smooth and will not boot from floppy

       Computer screen is black on black and very hard to read, but the message received is:

             Enter the kernel image name as [device:][partno][/path] where partno is a 0 - 16.  Instead of /path you can type [mm:nn] to specify a range of disk blocks [512B]
boot: (cursor here)


       couldn't open /dev/fd0
/dev/hda:7/0:16                                 [note: hda7 is /]
       couldn't open /dev/hda
and many others figuring out how to format the command.  I'm a newbie.

I researched a solution, but it requires me to place the machine in Openware mode in order to run an init command (which I hope someone can remind me of  the format) to turn the backlighting on my screen at least.  Another suggestion for viewing is to use a serial cable network from another terminal.  I have hyperterm of course on Windows box.  Even if I can read the screen it will still be a dilemma for me.

Ctrl-Command-I/O to restart with CTRL-COMMAND-P-R to clear PRAM ineffective

Conclusion :  I'm seriously hosed.  How can I get debian up and running on my Powerbook3400 and solve this problem?

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