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Re: Hard Drive light

> Thanks for your help. 
> I could not find how to attach the sys entry to the ide interface,
> but now, it is attached to the bus owning the IDE, either macio or pci according
> to which 'attach' function is called. On my ibook, it is macio and I have no way to test
> if the pci entry works fine. 

At the end of pmac_ide_setup_device(), after probe_hwif_init() (and
after the test for !present) you have the fully probed hwif which should
contain a device structure you can attach to, though it's not clear how
to hook a cleanup function... but then, you probably don't need one
neither, modularity isn't quite supported on ide pmac. Avoid attaching
anything to the mediabay tho, that will cause more problems as the media
bay is sort-of hotplug.

> In accord with popular demand, the blink by default is ON, and it can be disabled with
> boot parameter ide_core.noblink, or through the /sys/bus/(macio|pci)/*/blinking_led
> interface.
> With the christmas break, I will not be able to work on that for a couple of week.
> So if there is still modifications to do, they will have to wait, (or I don't mind if 
> someone else handle them :). 

Ok, well, I may do my own changes, depends on how much time I can spare.


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