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Re: Hard Drive light

> I chose macio since I had the struct device pointer easily accessible in pmac.c.

Not all laptops have the IDE under macio though ... some have it under a
PCI node. It should be per-controller ideally... (some machines have
both the macio one and the PCI one).

> I don't think so. Module parameters do not depend of the module name (as far as I
> understand from the doc). What I guess is that ide-pmac module is initialized too early to
> have correct boot parameters. For instance, I tried to had a dummy module_init function,
> and it is called much later than ide_pmac_setup_device (where blinking is initialized).
> Anybody can confirm or infirm this guess ?

When a module is built-in, it's parameters are passed in the form

> Furthermore I've looked at the way framebuffers manage boot params, and these module seems
> to be parsing the comand line themselves too. 

Framebuffers use a setup function, not a module param.


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