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Re: Hard Drive light

> You mean in /sys/bus/macio/drivers/ide-pmac ?

That's the driver entry, but the devices themselves have entries as
well, I'd rather put a per-device switch in them (either through the
actual device path, either PCI or macio, or the ide interface proper).

> The main reason is that I could not find how to add my sysfs in this directory since it is
> not created in the ide-pmac.c file (still a lot to learn :)). So I convinced myself that a
> platform device was not so irrelevant.

It's totally irrelevant actually  :)

> Just give me an hint or an example and I'll change that.

You can add you attributes to the driver itself, it contains the
necessary kobject etc... or you can add them to the device it matches
against (either a macio_dev or a pci_dev) ...

> Other thing strange to me is that I have to use the saved command line to know if there
> is a boot time argument. According to the comments around MODULE_PARM, a module parameter
> should be enough. I tried that, but the boot parameter never had any influence on the 
> parameter.

You must have typed it wrong ... One problem with ide-pmac though is
that the module name is confusing since the file name itself is just
"pmac". I'm not too familiar with the module params thing tho, it may be
possible to "override" the module name.

> Thanks for your remark.
Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org>

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