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Re: keyboard confusion

On  16 Dec, this message from Michael Schmitz echoed through cyberspace:
>> > We'd need to see the adb devices: line from dmesg as well, that's
>> > showing the default handler IDs IIRC. My keyboard is also detected
>> > with 2 c4, and reported as ISO  / swapping keys. That's 2.6.9-rc4
>> > FWIW.
>> grmmmmlllll...
>> $ dmesg | grep -i adb
>> adb: starting probe task...
>> adb devices: [2]: 2 c3 [3]: 3 1 [7]: 7 1f
>> So what to do now?
> Hack the kernel to handle the c3 as ISO as well. Maybe add a kernel
> option to swap keys on top of that.
> It would be interesting to figure out what made your keyboard think
> it's ANSI now. Maybe reset the OF parameters,

I think I remember that my TiBook detected it's keyboard once as ANSI as
well. I think that was after I played around with the PMU hardware (had
the box completely in pieces).

For an unknown reason, ir worked agan later. Don't know what I did, but
doing a thorough OF reset (cmd-opt-P-R multiple times in a row) should
be a first thing to try.



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