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Re: Powerbooks in Firewire mode

> >> 	a) If I connect two macs, can I just read from the second scsi
> >> 	device from the first mac and write to the second scsi device
> >> 	from the second mac?
> >
> >That's the plan. You won't be able to do a raw copy (image copy of the
> >whole disk or single partitions) that way, just acces the filesystem as
> >normally. I'm pretty sure 'filesystem' is limited to what OF knows about,
> >so no Linux ext2/ext3 copying.
> >
> Actually, I used the firewire mode for a last minute backup and my ibook was exactly seen
> as any firewire disk. I could access all the partition (hfs, ufs or ext2/3) and mount
> them. In this mode, the ibook is a kind of big USB key ;)

Good to hear from someone who's actually used this. I stand corrected.

Is there a 'raw whole disk' way of access as well (should be if it's
really a big USB storage device)?


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