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Re: keyboard confusion

> > We'd need to see the adb devices: line from dmesg as well, that's showing
> > the default handler IDs IIRC. My keyboard is also detected with 2 c4, and
> > reported as ISO  / swapping keys. That's 2.6.9-rc4 FWIW.
> grmmmmlllll...
> $ dmesg | grep -i adb
> adb: starting probe task...
> adb devices: [2]: 2 c3 [3]: 3 1 [7]: 7 1f
> So what to do now?

Hack the kernel to handle the c3 as ISO as well. Maybe add a kernel option
to swap keys on top of that.

It would be interesting to figure out what made your keyboard think it's
ANSI now. Maybe reset the OF parameters, or do some voodoo in MacOS, or
search the Apple Tech Library. From my POV, ADB is a bit magic and Apple
wasn't too thorough documenting all the bits. Whoever wrote the kernel ADB
device detection might know more about it.


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