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Re: gtkpbbuttons MacOSX theme


Guillaume, at most I can confirm your reports. Unfortunatly I think that's 

On Monday 13 December 2004 19:16, Guillaume Florey wrote:
> Thanks for the help, but I cant find any gtkpbbuttons with ps -ax nor pid
> in /var/run/ ...

I can confirm this. It's so strange and it even has vanished (the ugly theme) 
a week, maybe two, ago or so. So I used to have two on-screen-displays, now I 
only have one, but...: a few days ago I had two again, for a few hours and 
now it's back to one (MacOSX theme, too). And I didn't touch it.

The last time I was doing anything related to it, is more than four weeks ago. 
Strange indeed.

> I'm running debian sarge with gtkpbbuttons 0.6.4-3 and pbbuttonsd 0.6.6
> from unstable

Here it's sarge only. _Maybe_ it got fixed by an update two weeks ago, I 
haven't updated since then. Still it's strange, why I saw it again a few days 

And, the progress-bar here also looks a bit uglier than on Guillaume's 

I'm using ion2 as my window manager and start gtkpbbuttons manually (*) with 
"gtkpbbuttons -t MacOSX &".

(*) to busy to decide which xDM to use: xdm, gdm, kdm, wdm. I haven't found 
the one which sucks less. And I'm using sleep mode mostly anyway ;)


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