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Re: gtkpbbuttons MacOSX theme

On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 21:47:32 +0100
Guillaume Florey <flo.guillaume@edux.ch> wrote:

> How can I configure the theme for gtkpbbuttons. When I am under gnome or kdm, 
> and I change the brightness, no image comes. But when I make it under my kde 
> session, it always come with the classic style. If I try this: 
> #gtkpbbuttons -t Crystal &
> It comes then both image, Classic and Crystal. Not that I want in fact ;-)

I think your KDE session management starts GTKPBButtons without any parameters
here. Kill the ptkpbbuttons process by hand and restart is with your desired parameters.

GtkPbbuttons neither checks if it is already running nor is there a possibility to
change the theme at runtime. Killing and restarting is the only way to do this yet.

GtkPbbuttons has some problems with the session management at all, because it won't
start if unknown command line parameters were given. It displays the help text instead.
The implemented GNOME session management support (which will also work with KDE or
any other session manager based on the X11 session protocol) is buggy and should not
be used with version 0.6.4. The next release comming soon will fix that.

  Best Regards

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