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OT: Re: Netatalk over a wireless router?

[OT label added as we're talking more about OS X, even though we are
trying to get it to work with Debian boxes.]

On Mon, 13 Dec 2004 21:12:16 +1100
Dean Hamstead <dean@bong.com.au> wrote:

> >>> The wireless router is probably not a "multi-protocol" router.  If
> >>> so, it only handles IP, not AppleTalk.  Try connecting to your
> >>> printers and fileservers via IP.
> having read your next statement, have you read the specs of your
> wireless access point?

Yes. It doesn't say much other than the fact that the router is supposed
to work with MAC OS, Windows and Linux. "Work" seems to be a pretty
general term in this context.


> >>> AppleTalk has its good points, but it's no longer under active 
> >>
> nfs perhaps?

netatalk via ip address (instead of netatalk machine name) seems to be
working great.
> it does, use cups  and can connect to printers in a million different 
> ways. including (from
> the add printers dialog) appletalk, bluetooth, ipprinting, open 
> directory??, rendezvous
> (which is just some rename of dns discovery stuff), usb and windows 
> printing.

It seems strange that it uses cups but doesn't have any provision for
printing to a Linux machine running cups. Using the LPD/LPR/IP printing
option requires enabling the LPR compatability server in Cups. Probably
not a problem, but why add an extra layer if you don't have to?

I also don't see any mention of Windows/SMB printing on mine. This iBook
is running 10.2.8. What version are you running?

> mine also seems to have special mentions of 'epson 
> appletalk/firewire/tcpip/usb'
> hp ip printing, and lexmark inkjet networking. printing over 
> firewire.... hmm
> interesting. under ip printing are options for randezvous (if you
> missed it the first time), LPD/LPR, internet printing protocol,
> socket/hp jet direct.
> anyway so it doesnt seem that finding an alternative print solution
> should be a huge drama. i would just go with lpr/lpd. as mentioned
> macosx uses cups for its printing , with gimp-print.

After enabling the lpr compatability server in Cups, IP printing does
indeed work. Except that it's currently spewing raw postscript out the
printer, so I guess I have some more tweaking to do.

> to add some interesting thoughts to the pile, i thought that appletalk
> was running inside of tcpip when using netatalk and thus would be
> a non-issue for tcpip only network hardware. thats just my impression.
> i dont use appletalk. windows file sharing works for me ;)

My understanding was that it can but doesn't have to. It's Appletalk
over Ethernet, but not necessarily inside tcpip. Hence the reason
netatalk's /etc/netatalk/afpd.conf has -ddp and -tcp options. 

My guess would be that by using an ip instead of a netatalk machine
name, you're forcing OS X to use netatalk over tcp/ip.

It does seem most problems can be worked around now with OS X. Which is
better than previous Mac OS versions, but still not quite as smooth as I
would have liked. I guess maybe I'm getting too spoiled by Linux. :-) 


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