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Re: Netatalk over a wireless router?

The wireless router is probably not a "multi-protocol" router.  If
so, it only handles IP, not AppleTalk.  Try connecting to your
printers and fileservers via IP.

having read your next statement, have you read the specs of your
wireless access point?

Thanks! I hadn't even realized OS X let you use ip addresses for
netatalk stuff. Doing a search in Mac Help, I was able to figure out how
to use an ip for the file servers, but not printing. Even under the add
a printer option where it lets you select the protocol and one is IP
printing, it wouldn't work.

Any more tips?

Are there any UNIX/Linux hosts that can print to your printer? You can set up MacOS-X to use the "LPR" protocol to send to that host, which will then spool the job and print it to the printer when its turn comes up in the spool. That's what I usually do. The SysAdmin for the UNIX/Linux host may have to do some tweaking to allow you to connect to it.

Some modern laser printers talk LPR protocol (sometimes also called LPD protocol) as well as AppleTalk printer protocol. You may be able to use that to print directly rather than bouncing your jobs off a UNIX/Linux spooler.

Open MacOS Help and search for "Setting up to print to an IP Printing network printer". That should get you started.

AppleTalk has its good points, but it's no longer under active

nfs perhaps?

it does, use cups and can connect to printers in a million different ways. including (from the add printers dialog) appletalk, bluetooth, ipprinting, open directory??, rendezvous (which is just some rename of dns discovery stuff), usb and windows printing. mine also seems to have special mentions of 'epson appletalk/firewire/tcpip/usb' hp ip printing, and lexmark inkjet networking. printing over firewire.... hmm
interesting. under ip printing are options for randezvous (if you missed it
the first time), LPD/LPR, internet printing protocol, socket/hp jet direct.

anyway so it doesnt seem that finding an alternative print solution should
be a huge drama. i would just go with lpr/lpd. as mentioned macosx uses
cups for its printing , with gimp-print.

to add some interesting thoughts to the pile, i thought that appletalk
was running inside of tcpip when using netatalk and thus would be
a non-issue for tcpip only network hardware. thats just my impression.
i dont use appletalk. windows file sharing works for me ;)


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