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Re: CD output problem

On 11 Dec 2004 at 21h12, Leandro Guimaraens Faria Corsetti Dutra wrote:


> 	Pismo being some version of the Powerbook, isn't it?

Black G3, 400MHz with a DVD drive, iirc.

> > When I attempt to use another CD program, grip or cccd, they appear
> > to play the CD but I get no sound output.
> 	If I may use my lowly iBook as a model for your problem, it
> doesn't have analog output, so one has to use CDDA (Compact Disk
> Digital Audio) output.  XMMS, Totem and Beep have plugins for that,
> last time I checked no other player had.

That may be it, but I somehow doubt it. My lombard (G3 333 with a CD
drive) had the CD output analog output wired. Maybe Jason has only a
mixer-related problem?

  Reality continues to ruin my life.
		-- Calvin

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