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Re: Yet Another AirPort Extreme question

Le Sat, Dec 11, 2004 at 10:05:03PM +0100, ?ukasz Studzi?ski écrivait/wrote:
> I was just wondering if we could ask Apple if they can suggest some
> other than Broadcom-3401 based mini-pci card. Maybe it is possible? It
> does not matter for me, if it is Apple, or not. I believe mini-pci slot
> is the same as in other computers. Maybe we would be easily able to put
> some Prism based card and just be happy?

I did try to investigate this question, and I found that actually the
miniPCI is not standard enough - there are mechanically incompatibles
miniPC cards.

I actually tried to find a miniPCI Wifi 802/11G Linux/Debian
comptabible card for my PowerBook 12" and did not found any. The best
advice I got was to go to a supported USB 8021.11G device. (I finally
gave up having Wifi un Debian on my PowerBook).

This was a few months ago. Mabe things changed, but I am pessimistic.

And unfortunately, I believe Apple don't care at all about its
Linux-running customers.

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