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Re: User-mode-linux under PPC

On Mon, Oct 25, 2004 at 04:17:06PM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
Hi all,
> > > have anyone of you heard about user-mode-linux pkg under debian-ppc? I noticed
> > > that the uml network services and the doc were provided, the source too,
> > > but I haven't still heard of the pkg under debian.
> > > I also tried to search in google, but I only found out that a guy stopped
> > > working on uml port on ppc last year. Has anyone got more infos about it?
> > 
> > Acctually I don't believe it will even compile on ppc.  I haven't tried,
> > but I know a grad student at my college was working on getting it to
> > compile on a sparc.  All she got was for it to compile, it never
> > acctually booted.  Now this was a year ago and that may have changed.
> > So I would say give it a try and tell us how it went.
> uml-utilities - User-mode Linux (utility programs)
> umlrun-uml - Components of umlrun to be installed inside UML

well, after a lot of time and fight, I successfully compiled an old kernel
(2.4.6). It should be a starting point, isn't it?
The problem for me now, is to have a working filesystem and services.
> Don't know about the kernel-specific part though. But then even MOL doesn't
> seem to have 2.6 drivers yet anyway.

I tried MOL, with success, but I have a little more experience on UML,
since it is not ``closed'' to an only one arch. It is possible to run UML
everywhere GNU/Linux system can (not now, but in a future?).

The problem is that the UML x86 development is fast and many people have
helped it, other arch's development has stopped long time ago (:-((

I would like to start from the 2.4.6 ``linux'' to see if I can build something


PS: for any info about 2.4.6 ``linux'', please contact me ;^P

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