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Re: gtkpbbuttons MacOSX theme

Le lundi, 6 Décembre 2004 21.51, Sam Halliday a écrit :
> hi there,
> has anyone else noticed the transparency effect of the MacOSX theme for
> gtkpbbuttons has stopped working correctly in the last few days?
> i am running testing on an iBook G4 with the -7 sleep patch applied to a
> 2.6.9-3 kernel.
> cheers,
> Sam
How can I configure the theme for gtkpbbuttons. When I am under gnome or kdm, 
and I change the brightness, no image comes. But when I make it under my kde 
session, it always come with the classic style. If I try this: 
#gtkpbbuttons -t Crystal &
It comes then both image, Classic and Crystal. Not that I want in fact ;-)

Thanks for the help


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