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Re: installing debian on IBM 43P-150 (CHRP)

Hi all,

First, I'm Yannick from Annecy in France, new to the debian-powerpc list.

I've tried Leigh's image on a 43P-260 (chrp, 1xPower3 cpu, no video card).

As suggested, I've rebuild the iso with the -U option of mkisofs, and now it boots nicely from the OF prompt (boot cdrom; without any parameter) or directly from the SMS menu.

After selecting "install-power3", the system keeps scanning the scsi bus after loading module "sym53c8xx" but nothing else ( Bug#279491 ? )

Any idea ?

By the way, I have the nice message "Linux/PPC 2.6.8- Have Fun!" on the LCD, it works :-)


I don't know if you have broadband, but if so, I have respun the latest
sarge powerpc business card cd, so that it should boot correctly (and
automatically).  I would be grateful if you could give it a whirl.
It's here:


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