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Re: OpenOffice.org

OO is included in debian sid, but since the last update (several days
ago), one of its component packages is missing and, thus, it cannot be
upgraded/installed due to unsatisfied dependencies (hopefully this
will be fixed in the near futures, but i'm just guessing). maybe
that's the problem the OP has?

Timo Reimerdes <tr@gtnw.de> writes:

> actually I think OpenOffice is included in the common debian-release?
> All I did was 
> apt-get update
> apt-cache search openoffice
> apt-get install openoffice.org 
> .... (some more packages that I considered usefull)
> from the same repository I used to install (I think it was
> uni-erlangen). But I am running ubuntu now. Here Ooo is definately
> included and can be installed either during default-install or via
> apt-get as described above.
> greetz
> Timo
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