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Argh!!! I've been trying to install OpenOffice.org
with no success. Let me tell you what I've tried:

I've tried to download it from YDL's FTP site but the
setup gude doesn't correspond to the contents of what
the installer files should have. It's says to compile
it from a ./setup shell script but it really has a
./configure script. I executed to script as the root
in Terminal and I entered into grep. It then asked me
to give a directory to intall it into. I guessed and
created a folder in /usr/lib and called the folder
Ooo. I tried getting grep to install the files into
the folder I created but It's not accepting it. That
was Strike One.

Strike Two:
I saw in Debian's Mailing Lists that some guy found a
website that contained workable installer files for
the PPC. He mentioned that it could be downloaded
manually or also done by adding the website into the
sources.list file. I did it with vi. The source list

main contrib

Unfortunately this did'nt work either. apt-get said

W: Couldn't stat source package list
http://ftp.kulnet.kuleuven.ac.be main/contrib Packages
- stat (2 No such file or directory)

I'm really frustrated but I guess that's how it is to
work with linux for the first time. I've got Debian
Sarge loaded into my Powerbook G3. I really need some
help. Thanks


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