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Re: OpenOffice.org

On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 03:07:00PM -0800, Michael Valdes wrote:
> Argh!!! I've been trying to install OpenOffice.org
> with no success. Let me tell you what I've tried:
> I've tried to download it from YDL's FTP site but the
> setup gude doesn't correspond to the contents of what
> the installer files should have. It's says to compile
> it from a ./setup shell script but it really has a
> ./configure script. I executed to script as the root
> in Terminal and I entered into grep. It then asked me
> to give a directory to intall it into. I guessed and
> created a folder in /usr/lib and called the folder
> Ooo. I tried getting grep to install the files into
> the folder I created but It's not accepting it. That
> was Strike One.

                    [ ... ]

<Pheew> No need for all that hassle: 

You're on Debian/stable, right?

If you're on Debian/unstable:

apt-get update
apt-get --simulate install openoffice.org
And currently an install does not work ..  dependency problems ... Normally
the necessary packages are uploaded in a few days. I'd just wait a
bit, and you might have openoffice within a short time. If everything
goes well (It does, usually ... :)

If you need a sources list for unstable please let me know: I'll post
it here ...


If you have to care that your installs are processing smoothly:
Do you have installed apt-listbugs? Before installing something on
Debian, this tool will tell you about the known bugs for the software
you're about to install. Extremely useful little bastard, this tool.
apt-cache show apt-listbugs
I'd have a look at the version numbers apt-listbugs is reporting
about: If I recall correctly there might be times when the package
versions apt-listbugs knows about is higher than the one available for
powerpc ... If my Swiss cheese memory serves me well ... :)

Good luck, and welcome to Debian ... :)


Wolfgang Pfeiffer 			 gpg ID: 0AA7E825
Profile, Links: http://profiles.yahoo.com/wolfgangpfeiffer

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