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Re: installing debian on IBM 43P-150 (CHRP)

Philippe Guyot said:
> This is the whirl expected:
> Automatic boot: black screen and automatic reboot of the box.
> Manual boot:
> I had a look on the cdrom and found in \ppc a bootinfo.txt saying the
> script
> was \ppc\chrp\yaboot, just similar to what I have seen on the AIX CDrom.
> (bootfile.exe in lieu of yaboot).
> So boot cdrom;:\ppc\chrp\yaboot gives me:
> unexpected firmware error
> default catch code ff00300
> $RR0 00c1b030
> $RR1 00003030
> and back to the OF prompt.

Ho hum.  The yaboot shipped with the boot disk won't work on an
RS/6000.  You could say these sarge cd's won't work *at all* on
an RS/6000 :-(

> I suppose in automatic mode this leads to a complete reboot of the
> machine, just as observed.
> I founded in /install/powerpc a vmlinuz-chrp.initrd dated today.
> I supposed it is the patched one.
> So boot:;\install\powerpc\vmlinuz-chrp.initrd
> "Unable to use memory at load-base"
> printenv load_base   4000

Not sure about this one.  I'll think about it.

> Just a question more: don't whe have to find a yaboot.conf in \ppc\chrp if
> it is the directory from which we intend to launch yaboot ?

My version of yaboot pulls it from /etc/yaboot.conf (which is present
on the CD).

Do you have a linux box that you can create your own CD images with
(using mkisofs)? That will be much faster than me creating new CD
images for you, although I'm happy to do so, if required.



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