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Some problems in the daily use of a Debian System

Hi everyone!

My fathers has just moved from MacOS 9 to Debian SID. As a final user he
is acostumed to pay attention to the little details. The machine is a
pismo G3 powerbook.

He finds annoying that the screen lightens down a bit after a minute of
non using keyboard or trackpad. When he is unplugged the computer enters
on sleep mode too fast. I think is a problem related to the pbbuttonsd
configuration, but I can't get to understand the way the .conf file
works. Could anyone take a look at it and tell me some hints to fix

Also he finds that the trackpad is too sensible. When he is writing he
finds himself doing it several lines below or above due to that
sensibility and has difficulties to navigate through menues... I don't
know if there is a solution to this. I've set all the gnome mouse
related options to minimun but he still has problems.

The last one is that when he tries to watch a movie with the headphones
on and uses the keyboard buttons to change the volume the sound can be
heard everywhere, not only through the headphones. I've told him to use
the gnome volume control center but I want to try to fix that.

Thanks for helping!

Pablo Gil <lakesis@rastafurbi.org>

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