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Re: bootsplash

Martin Lohmeier a écrit :
Mathieu Virbel wrote:

Martin Lohmeier a écrit :

Quoting Aurélien GÉRÔME <ag@roxor.be>:

However, I warn you, despite all my efforts, bootsplash did not work
at all with radeonfb. :(

work here with radeonfb, but not at boot (error with initrd).
i use this: http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic.php?t=192895

I found this gentoo howto during the weekend but did not succeed in geting it work. I got the following error:

bootsplash: scanning last 2MB of initrd for signature
bootsplash 3.1.4-2004/02/19-spock-0.1: looking for picture... no good signature

I'll try an other image today...probaly (hopefully) this will work.

by, Martin

same error here :(
so, no bootsplash at boot, but i'v add bootsplash to /etc/init.d...
if you get solution, you're welcome :)


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