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Re: howto ignore lid-opened?

> I'm familiar with the pmud -k & -K flags for avoiding sleeping when the
> lid is closed (with potentially grave thermal consequences - I don't
> know), but I can't find their reciprocal - for avoiding waking when the
> lid is opened.

There isn't any such option.

> I think some behavior may be configured in /etc/power/pwrctl, but not
> whether the machine actually sleeps or wakes.
> I want my Book to require deliberate action to wake - like keypress,
> not accidental lid-opened. Anyone know how?

You would have to ignore the lid-open signal in the kernel, or send the
machine right back to sleep from pmud. On the first method, BenH might
know how to tell the PMU to not wake on lid open. The second should be
easier to implement but it's a hack only. I'll look into that.

Low tech fix: just wrap a rubber band around the iBook :-)


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