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Re: the ibook G4 sleep test patch

Colin Leroy <colin@colino.net> writes:
> Does nobody else have issues with sleep on their iBook G4? I noticed
> the following problems:
> - waking up by opening the lid wakes up, sleeps again and wakes up again

I had this one, but it was because I had pbbuttonsd and pmud running at the same

> - crashes when swap is activated (quite quickly after a few actions like
> starting a new process)

Haven't seen this one yet, but haven't used much swap either. I have swap
activated, but no programs are in there at the moment.

> - crashes sometimes later (often happens)

So far I have only had one crash, which occured on wake-up, and it probably only
happened because I was demonstrating it to my girlfriend at the time. :)



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