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Re: the ibook G4 sleep test patch

Colin Leroy wrote:


Does nobody else have issues with sleep on their iBook G4? I noticed
the following problems:
- waking up by opening the lid wakes up, sleeps again and wakes up again
- crashes when swap is activated (quite quickly after a few actions like
starting a new process)
- crashes sometimes later (often happens)

Any insight?


In general it works good for me. I have the Xv issue but I has not yet tested if it goes away with Bens latest patches.

I had one freeze during lot of disk activity ( long time after a resume ) - something I never saw without the patch. But maybe this was just coincidence.

I had two occasions where X crashed after a resume, both times when a large WAV file was loaded in "audacity". I have not verified this yet but it might be an issue with the X server ( I am using the X.org server ).

In general it seems to work OK. I used it a lot in the last few days. Eg. I use firewire for networking and work with firewire devices and have not had a single problem with firewire during suspend/resume ( beside the fact that if the firewire cable is plugged while you suspend, remove the cable and replug it while the computer sleeps and then resume, you need to unplug/replug the cable again to get networking running again) .


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