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Re: Does 3D accel. work in Sarge?

At 16:23 2004-11-18, you wrote:
If it has an ATI Rage 128 chip 3D acceleration should work.
You'll need the dri enabled xserver from


On Thu, 2004-11-18 at 15:38 +0100, Björn Johansson wrote:
> Hello!
> In a week or two I will be a new owner of a Powerbook G3 (333Mhz).
> I'm going to install Debian Sarge on it.
> Now, to my question.
> Does 3D acceleration work with Debian Sarge?
> A few years ago I heard rumours that 3D acceleration don't work
> with the official drivers provided. This was in Woody..
> Björn Johansson

And where is that?
I can only see a file called: host.def under x.org.
Is that the file I need? AFAIK the x-server should be in Debian Sarge,

Björn Johansson

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