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Re: Video card register dumps

On Sat, November 13, 2004 12:35 pm, Benjamin Herrenschmidt said:
>> suck. how about macosx? im not all that keen install 9 if
>> i can avoid it. i need to try seeing if setting tv out and then
>> restarting will let me get linux through video out.
> No, I don't have anything for OS X.
>> would anything you did with the m3mirror tool be usefull?
> Not really.
>> tell me of this openbeos radeon info? there is stuff to get
>> tv out working with radeons on linux. im pretty sure some
>> one of the install walkthroughs linked off the debian ppc
>> ports page has some details.
>> the av cable im using is also used for the ibook after this
>> model (dont have it. i just have a clamshell) so users of that
>> model ibook might be helped by this project.
> Well, if you don't know the chip well and don't have specs, it will be a
> hard time to get that stuff working I'm afraid. You should look at the
> initial dual head work for r128 cards that Alex Deucher
> <alexdeucher@gmail.com> did for X.org, since you need at least that
> (dual head) as a first step to enabling TV Out. Then, I suggest you look
> at the open-beos project (I think it's on SourceForge) for the radeon
> code that drives the TV encoder.
> You chip is a Mobility M3, that is an r128, and I think the TV cell in
> it is similar to the one in Radeons.

Then it may already work, ill endeavour to follow the walkthroughs for its
older siblings - perhaps the existing code will do the trick.


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