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Video card register dumps

in my on going effort to work out how to get tv out going in linux
on my 366mhz clamshell ibook (and likely its siblings). i have installed
macosx dual boot with linux. as dirty as it makes me feel having an impure
hdd for the first time in years, im now looking to get register dumps in
macosx when i have the video set to tv out.

when i plug in the av out cable macosx detects it and new video modes
become available for usage. 800x600, 640x480, PAL and NTSC.

is there a tool that can dump them in macosx. or is my best bet to change
to tv out, then warm reboot hoping that tv out will remain till i can get
to a console in linux and dump the registers.

i know ben has done some work with other cards.

from the above mentioned information, some how the card tells the
operating system that tv out is now available.

the card is an ati mobility, for anyone not familar with this now ancient
ibook model.

any help or supporters would be appreciated.


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