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Re: Re: Old world mac

Install MacOS-9. Then use the BootX boot-loader. (or 8.5 or 8.6, if 9 won't run on the S-900. I've never seen one of those, so I don't know what will run on it and what wont. I'm told that BootX even works with MacOS 7.5, if your machine can run it and you have a floppy drive to install it from.) You don't need much of MacOS to do the trick -- 200 MB is more than enough. But, if you can spare about 500MB to dedicate to MacOS, an "easy install" is a lot simpler than going thru all the options at install time trying to intuit whether you will need that feature...) One cute trick, if you have a 100MB Zip drive, is to use the IoMega tools to make an "emergency boot" Zip disk, which takes up less than 50 MB, even after you add the BootX and Linux kernel/initrd files and a couple of other useful tools. Once you have the emergency boot zip drive in hand, you can copy it to a small (under 100 MB) HFS partition on your hard drive, and have yourself the most feature-ful boot loader that ever was.


On Tuesday, August 10, 2004, at 10:02 PM, Eric D. Hedekar wrote:

Any one of these three bugs will render debian-installer unusable for
anyone with anything but a "plain vanilla" hardware or networking
environment who doesn't have help from a competant System
Administrator, or have such skills personally. Since I'm the only one on this list who cares two figs about OldWorld PowerPC hardware, and I
have UNIX SysAdmin experience going back 25 years (including some
pretty unusual hardware!), I guess it's not a show stopper...  Still,
there *might* be some folks out there in the "real world" (TM), who
will be disappointed that they can't figure out how to install the new
Debian release on their particular old Macintosh hardware.  You never

Hi, I never recieved your original e-mail, however I have a Umax S-900 that does not want to load the new installer. I have attempted to load woody and upgrade but I would rather do a fresh install and wipe the old stuff clean. Do you have any tips specific to this box? (I recieved the response you gave to the 7600 so if there's something there that I need to do, don't bother to
retype it, just reference to it)

Eric Hedekar

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