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Re: Sony AIT-1 tape backup

More info,
   # mt erase

   # mt seek
   /dev/tape: Input/output error

   # mt status
   SCSI 2 tape drive:
   File number=-1, block number=-1, partition=0.
   Tape block size 512 bytes.  Density code 0x30 (AIT-1 or MLR3).
   Soft error count since last status=0
   General status bits on (1010000):

Any ideas why I get I/O errors???

TIA, Brendan Simon.

Brendan Simon wrote:


I have a Sony AIT-1 tape backup unit (IDE) installed in a PowerMac running debian/testing with a 2.6.8 kernel.
I have not had much success getting it to work :(

I have made a symlink from /dev/tape to /dev/nst0

I have the following in my /etc/modules.

I only time the machine recognises the IDE tape drive is if I reboot with ide-tape uncommented in the modules file. I can shows up as /proc/ide/hde/ -> /proc/ide/ide2/hde/

   # cat /proc/ide/hde/model
   SONY SDX-420C

   # cat /proc/ide/hde/driver
   ide-scsi version 0.92

When I initially boot I can run commands like "mt status", etc.
When I try writing to the tape it just seems to hang and then I not talk to the device again.
I get error messages such as:
   /dev/tape does not exist
   /dev/tape no such device or address

Any ideas what could be causing this?
Has anyone successfully used a Sony AIT-1 IDE on a Linux machine (PowerPC or otherwise).

Many thanks in advance for any help.
Brendan Simon.

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