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Re: Wrong permission for '/dev/pmu' device error in Gnome

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Sven Luther wrote:
| On Fri, Nov 05, 2004 at 10:21:36AM -0500, Barry Hawkins wrote:
| This is a FAQ, and you should either fix the permissions, or if you
use udev
| go into the configuration file of used to have it set the permissions
| properly.
| There were previous detailed emails about this, either here or on
| debian-gtk-gnome, so check the email archives, or google.
I have searched Google, this list, and debian-gtk-gnome prior to posting
the question.  If this is a FAQ, I have not seen anything that helped me
isolate the issue.

Searching Google for "wrong permission /dev/pmu" only yields a total of
26 results, all but 8 of which are screened for being duplicates:

The only meaningful results from the Google search is this message from
Kiko Piris in a July 2004 thread:

Applying Kiko's recommendation did not change the situation.  Also, I
don't think mucking about with udev is something we'd like to pass on to
the average user.

There were a number of Ubuntu-related hits, but none of them led to
anything substantial.

Searching debian-powerpc and debian-gtk-gnome for any of the following
over the past year yields no results (which is particularly interesting
given the subject of the July 2004 thread):
"wrong permission" (with partial match enabled)
"permission" (with partial match enabled) 28 hits, none relevant

I manually combed the 2004 archives month-by-month for debian-gtk-gnome
and didn't find anything, either.

So, if anyone has information about where this FAQ is addressed, I'd
love to have it.  Perhaps we can place the information in a more
conspicuous location for everyone.

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