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Re: PowerBook 12'' & some troubles

Thank you very much I will give a look to that thread 

ps. 	questo è per il feedback del forum :) mail private già spedita ...

Alle Friday 05 November 2004 2:33 pm, lunaticmarkino ha scritto:
> On Fri, 5 Nov 2004 10:49:36 -0800, Andrea Giusto wrote:
> > Hello everybody, I am new to debian but I have been using exclusively
> > linux on an Intel for one year (of which I am kinda proud :) )!Now I
> > bought a PowerBook 12'' and Debian works great on that but I have three
> > problems up to now that I cannot solve:
> > 1) I cannot control LCD brightness (I installed pbbuttons with the gtk
> > plugin, It works, but the brightness is unchanged). When I modprobe
> > ans_lcd it complains that there are wrong symbols (?)
> ssearch in the archives. there is a thread called "Brightness control
> on PowerBook G4...". i haven't read yet, maybe is what you looking
> for.
> ps. sei di bologna? email strana la tua, @economia.unibo.it, devi
> essere uno "grosso" di economia, visto che a me hanno dato solo
> @studio.unibo.it ;)
> ciao

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