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PowerBook 12'' & some troubles

Hello everybody, I am new to debian but I have been using exclusively linux on 
an Intel for one year (of which I am kinda proud :) )!Now I bought a 
PowerBook 12'' and Debian works great on that but I have three problems up to 
now that I cannot solve: 
1) I cannot control LCD brightness (I installed pbbuttons with the gtk plugin, 
It works, but the brightness is unchanged). When I modprobe ans_lcd it 
complains that there are wrong symbols (?)
2) The trackpad is too sensitive. Alredy tried the XF86Config options and 
xev...nothing works
3) ShowKey doesn't give me any keycode...I can obtain only scancodes and when 
I run it in a Konsole it starts punching in a lot o returns keys and the only 
way to stop it is to shut of the terminal emulator. 
Any ideas? Thanks a lot

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