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Re: PowerBook 12'' & some troubles


I have a Powerbook G4 alu (1 GHz, 15").

Am Freitag, 5. November 2004 19.49 schrieb Andrea Giusto:
> Hello everybody, I am new to debian but I have been using exclusively linux
> on an Intel for one year (of which I am kinda proud :) )!Now I bought a
> PowerBook 12'' and Debian works great on that but I have three problems up
> to now that I cannot solve:
> 1) I cannot control LCD brightness (I installed pbbuttons with the gtk
> plugin, It works, but the brightness is unchanged). When I modprobe ans_lcd
> it complains that there are wrong symbols (?)
After having installed pbbuttonsd I change the LCD brightness with the F1 and 
F2 keys, which works well for me. I just press <F1>, not <fn>-<F1>.
> 2) The trackpad is too sensitive. Alredy tried the XF86Config options and
> xev...nothing works
In /etc/pbbuttons/pbbuttonsd.conf I did set the TPMode to notap
TPMode = notap
> 3) ShowKey doesn't give me any keycode...I can obtain only scancodes and
> when I run it in a Konsole it starts punching in a lot o returns keys and
> the only way to stop it is to shut of the terminal emulator.
> Any ideas? Thanks a lot
You cannot run showkey under X (xterm, konsole) whatsoever. If you change to a 
virtual console by pressing <alt>-<fn>-<F1> you may use showkey.
In a konsole, xterm window use xev from the package  xbase-clients

Hope this helps

Best regards
Niklaus Giger
Wieshoschet 6
CH-8753 Mollis
Tel. ++41 55 612 20 54 (privat)
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