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Re: Test patch for sleep on Aluminium PowerBooks

> I may have lied a bit there -- I've just noticed that when the machine
> turns back on, sometimes the display is on but the light isn't -- you
> can just about make out the picture on it.  When I use one of the
> <brighter>/<dimmer> keys, the light does come back on, though.
> Not a major problem, but thought I ought to report it.  Thanks again for
> the patch -- it has really helped since I've been using it.
> bye just now,
> P.S. I am using pbbuttonsd -- perhaps the problem could be there.

As I'm using pbbuttonsd in pmud compat mode, and don't experience this
problem (display comes back on immediately after wake if I move the
mouse), it might really be pbbuttonsd.


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