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Re: umounting cryptoloop before swsusp / suspend to ram

Can anyone share with me how to solve the following problem.
I keep some important data on an cryptoloop. But i have to umount it
before suspend to ram / swsusp. On i386 i had configured acpi so
when i pressed the power button the system umounted cryptoloop
and did swsusp. Is this possible on ppc ? Or maybe is there a way to
configure pmud so it would have umounted cryptoloop before suspend
to ram and tried to mount it before wake up.

You probably want a current version of pbbuttonsd which conflicts with pmud as it provides all the functionality of pmud and a *lot* more, one thing being an init-scripts-like system to call stuff before suspend and after resume in these directories:

/etc/power/scripts.d	# scripts
/etc/power/suspend.d	# symbolic links
/etc/power/resume.d     # symbolic links

The file /etc/power/README explains this in more detail.

(Shameless rip of a reply from Johannes Mockehaupt to a similar question I asked some time ago :)

So basically you write a script which does the unmounting/initializing/mounting and then place/link it appropriately. I use exactly this mechanism to lock my screen if I put my iBook to sleep, the swsuspend stuff might be somewhere different.


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