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Re: Does Airport extreme work with debian? - NO

  this is my first post on debian-powerpc list. i look up the archives
because i'm going to buy a new ibook 12", but i saw that the Airport
extreme wireless card doesn't work. is it true? is there a project to
make it work with debian?
searching with google seems that it's false: i found this
http://www.pl-berichte.de/t_hardware/airport.html. someone of you
speek german? ;)

Airport (which is in G3 iBooks) is NOT Airport Extreme. The former works perfectly (at least in my iBook), the latter not at all. An there is nothing Debian or Mandrake or YDL can do about since Broadcom who manufactures it doesn't publish specs (well they could make Broakcom to sell them commertial drivers maybe but that would be foolish). Nobody knows why they do it (or who makes them?), since their other NICs which are rather serverside have Linux drivers.

My 2 ¢: Get a decent x86 notebook and write Apple how _terribly_ sorry you are that you couldn't buy their nice hardware because of the driver issues (and ftr: Apple makes their main profit from hardware, not OS X etc. sales).


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