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Re: showkey bug?

As far as I can remember 'this bug' happens only in 'showkey' of the
package of console-tools.
So I replaced temporarly the package 'console-tools' with the package 'kbd'.

'showkey -k' of the 'kbd' worked as I expected (manpage).

kind regards, Roland

>On Wed, Aug 18, 2004 at 11:53:25AM +0200, Roland Wegmann wrote:
>> Hello all
>> I try to find out the keycode of each key of my Powerbook (1.25Mhz
>> version) console keyboard. To do this I use normally 'showkey -k'. 
>> At the moment I have installed Debian Sarge via d-i with a 2.6.7 kernel.
>> Using the command 'showkey -k' of this installation doesn't show keycodes
>> but scancodes. In short, the options -k and -s of showkey show both
>Same here.
>> Is there a bug in the sarge version of showkeys?
>An `strace -e ioctl showkey <option>' shows that the proper ioctl
>is performed and depends on the scancode/keycode option. Now to 
>find the bug in the mess that is drivers/char/keyboard.c and possibly 
>the input layer, it's another story.
>Could you try a 2.4 kernel.
>	Regards,
>	Gabriel

Thanks in advance for helping me

Roland Wegmann

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