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Re: modprobe options not recognized at startup

I'm trying to understand the situation...

the way I found to have the options recognized during a session is by
creating a "/etc/modprobe.d/usbcore" file with the single line "options
scsi_mod max_luns=8".  I find it surprising that putting the same
content into the file "/etc/modprobe.d/scsi_mod" does not have any

Apart from this perplexity, I have no idea how to pass module options
at boot time (with kernel 2.6.x).

part of the problem is that I can't understand how scsi_mod gets loaded.
in order to have a more complete picture, I did the following:

I moved /sbin/modprobe and /sbin/insmod to /sbin/modprobe.orig and
/sbin/insmod.orig, respectively.

then I made two scripts /sbin/modprobe and /sbin/insmod that invoke the
original file but which also do some logging.

As I see no trace of scsi_mod in the logfile filled in by my scripts,
I would say that the module scsi_mod gets loaded by some other way,
both at boot time and during a session.

any comments?
highly appreciated!

or suggestions on an other forum where I could place this question...


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